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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Project of Passion: My First Poetic Production, "I Won't Complain!"

GOD IS GOOD!!!  Humbly speaking, I want to thank God for my spiritual and natural gifts.  God has given me the ability to put words together in a way that speaks to people's situations.  I wrote this piece because there many families around the country that are experiencing hard times right now.  Some may relate to unemployment due to the economy, sickness, depression, loss of a loved one...it may be a number of things but there is a silver lining!  The silver lining is...GOD CARES! ...and he hears our prayers when we pray.  But we must pray.  Instead of doing what's easy and what's comfortable...complaining, lets just pray! 

This poetic production is special to me!  I was blessed to work with some special people.  I'm honored to have been able to work with my little cousin who is a rising star, Miss Azani Monet!  She is incredibly mature and professional when it comes to her craft.  She not only acts, but she sings, dances, and models!  She does it all ladies and gentlemen.  I was also blessed to have the privilege  to work with a good friend, Rob Howze and I had the chance to work on a few poetic projects in the past so I knew going in that he'd be perfect for this character. It was a pleasure working with both of them.  My director was the one and only Dorie L. Glasgow. Her directing resume is pretty extensive and impressive I might add.  The level of creativity and professionalism that she brought to the set was unbelievable.  I can't wait to work with her on my next proect!  It can only get better!

I really and truly hope everyone enjoyed this project but most of all, I hope everyone got something out of the message.  I did.  It was a reminder for.  I need not to be complain about anything.  God has been good to me in 2012!  I look forward to 2013...but I still have a lot to accomplish before the year is out!

Until next time, instead of complaining, PRAY!!!

"If my words have the ability to develop wings of encouragement, I hope they take flight in someone's life." ~Christoph Jenkins

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